Zombie Proof your Yard

Zombie Proof your Yard

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, or if you have been following zombies for many more years, you may ponder the need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. This may mean gathering tools and possible weapons, deciding who will be part of your zombie defense squad and collecting canned food and bottled water “just in case.” However, there is another important step you should take to save your family from the outbreak—zombie proofing your yard.

The Fence is Key
You want to keep those zombies far from your home, so anything you can do to do this is important. While you may consider some traps or alarms for the yard, the key is a fence. Just like protecting your yard from dogs, or rabbits, a fence can be designed specifically to protect your family from zombies.

A good zombie proof fence is tall and durable. Choosing a high-quality fence construction company is important. You do not want a second rate fence to be the only thing that stands between you and a zombie herd. Make sure your gate is sturdy as well. You want something that will be easy for you and your family to get in and out, but one that is zombie proof—perhaps with a latch or that has the ability to install a lock.

The best thing about zombie proof fences is that they are ideal for “real life” too. After all, a zombie proof fence is sure to keep neighborhood kids out of your swimming pool or keep rabbits out of the garden. When you’re getting ready to build a new fence for your home, perhaps you should think about making it zombie proof. By doing this, you’ll have a fence that can stand up to nearly anything!

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