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Texas Sunrise

Summer is a time of scorching heat in Texas. Whether you have been living in the state for years or just moved away from another area, Texas has an extreme range of temperatures from well over 100F in the summer to below freezing in the winter for some areas. Your lawn needs to be prepared for these extremes.

So, what can you do to get your lawn ready, plus enjoy the summer weather to the fullest? Maybe you need to look into gate repair for your garden or lawn gates, set up a natural pond, or install a patio. Whatever you need, you should get started now.

Get Started Early

You can begin by choosing the best grass type for Texas. Your local garden supply store will have seed that is appropriate for your area. Ordering from online sources or catalogs can be dicey as quite a few of the most lush looking varieties will wither in the Texas sun. Prepare your lawn early by planting the right grass seed.

In the fall you can prepare for the next summer by putting one last fertilizer application on before the growing season ends. You may use chemical fertilizer or compost. Using compost has the added benefit of rotting throughout the winter and spring, this releases nutrients over time and can feed your lawn for months.


We all know that Texas is hot. The beating sun can kill even hardy grass types when there are extended periods without rain. Watering your lawn is an important part of keeping it healthy throughout the summer. Due to drought conditions, this can be a problem in Dallas. Many times there are water restrictions put in place during the hottest part of the summer.

Another thing to keep in mind is to water around the fence, just as you would a foundation. By watering around the fence line you’re helping to keep the gate in adjustment and prevent fence posts from moving. You never want to go from drought conditions around your fence to boggy water-ladened swamp, keep a nice moderate soil saturation for the best results. This will keep your fence and gate investment protected.

One way to beat the water restrictions is to install rain barrels and gray water disposal. Gray water is the water left over from washing clothes, bathing, and doing dishes. You can divert this water from your septic system into a large container system. This water needs to be filtered before it can be used in the lawn. Sand filters can be used before the water reaches the holding tanks or directly after leaving the tank. Gray water is a valuable resource when there are water use restrictions – you can have a lush lawn and garden even in the hottest days of summer.

Decoration and Privacy

While you want your lawn to be gorgeous, grass is only one consideration. Flowers add beauty to your lawn. As with grass, choose flowers that are suited for your area. Many beautiful flowers will not live even a few hours in the mid-day heat of high summer in Texas, even with intense watering. Look for native plants – these Texas and SouthWestern native plants will give your lawn a gorgeous look and will come back year after year.

A wooden fence around your yard or back patio can give your lawn privacy and beauty. You can build your own fence or use a fence contractor for the fastest, professional installation. Nosy neighbors or wandering animals can ruin the nicest of lawns – you can’t enjoy your yard when people are staring or dogs are digging holes! Such a fence can also provide safety from wandering coyotes, even in urban areas these wild canines cause problems. If you already have a fence, check your gates. A strong gate can deter animals and burglars. If it isn’t strong enough, consider a gate service for repair or installation.

You don’t need to put in a lot of work all at once to keep your lawn in great shape. You can spend a few weekends getting your property in shape or spread the work out over several months. A professional service can help with clearing property, installing fences or patios, and almost any other yard project you need completed to get your yard in shape for the Texas summer.

You’ll be happy with the final results if you spend a lot of time planning and a little elbow grease on your preparations. When you’re enjoying your pool, barbeque, or just sitting in the shade with a glass of iced tea, you’ll be glad you prepared ahead.