4 Plants to go Near Fencing


4 Plants to go Near Fencing

While there are many plants you don’t want to go around fencing, ones that have roots that can destroy the fence, there are still many pretty flowers and plants that can go around the fence area. Here are some ideas that can work well in flower beds that are near fencing.


With over 400 cultivars, you’re bound to find one of these that will work for you. Semi-woody vines have saucer-shaped flowers in any color you care to choose. Have these trail along the pickets of the fence for the most dramatic effect.

Cherokee Rose

This climbing rose has a wonderful cream-white color on vine-like canes. It produces single flowers with glossy light-green leaves. These are a wonderful addition to have on dark wood or white fencing.

Russian Sage

Grey-white stems with silver-grey leaves and lavender flowers. This subshrub has a great aroma and can be a lovely addition to fencing that is around a patio, so guests can smell the richness of the plant.

Black-eyed Susan

Yellow-orange blooms with a dark center stand erect and daisy-like on stems. This is a summertime favorite and one that will work with just about any other type of plant. This is a good addition for a border plant and for those that like the classic feel of a daisy-like bloom.
Flowers and plants around a fence can make a dramatic statement and really add life to the straight line of a fence. It makes landscaping easier when you don’t have to mow near the fence, and it can be a nice visual to help increase the value of your home. If you don’t have flower beds around your Dallas, Texas fencing, give some of these great choices a try.